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02 Jan


What lies at the core of the successful functioning of any organization is its process. When it comes to making a difference, just like it is important to have clarity in intentions, it is also extremely crucial to be clear about "the how". The National Sikh Organization strives to make living easy, no matter where you are. And for that, we have a laser-sharp focus on how we accomplish that for you.

To successfully deliver efficient service to those we care for, we intend to first understand each individual case carefully. We believe that there is no one common way of addressing the concerns of all. So, the first step NSO follows is carefully Identifying, Understanding and Verifying the needs of each individual case at hand so that we can give you the specific, direct attention and care that you deserve.

The National Sikh Organization is based out of the primary Sikh principle of equality irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity. NSO strives to always stay true to these core values of Sikhism by paying undivided, unbiased attention to every case that we encounter because in our eyes, being of service to those in need is how we stay close to our core.

A huge part of successfully understanding each case at hand is being able to document whatever information we can gather. And so, the second step in the process of efficient service at NSO is being able to create and document all relevant information pertaining to the cause and create an official case summary. Because at the end of the day, unless we really understand the cause that we are dealing with, we can’t truly make a difference.

Once this first stage of Identifying, Verifying and Creating is successfully completed, we begin Outreach that involves attending to the cause by campaigning at the grass-root level via fundraising, spreading the word of mouth and other modes of mass communication such as social media awareness such that as many people as possible can become a source of contribution to the cause at hand. This step of Outreach is what allows us to Generate donor leads as well as mobilize our current donor base so that we can collect as many funds for the cause as possible.

Sikhism is all about the sense of community and the power of humanity. This is the reason that we consider people to be our power. The generous support that NSO is able to gather from all those who want to contribute to the cause and make a difference is what enables us to reach the last and final stage of successfully Distributing the funds such that it is impartially disbursed to families and individuals in urgent need.

Our systematic 6-step approach reflects what lies at the core of the National Sikh Organization. We truly believe in the power of people and the massive difference they can make when they come together. After all, if we don’t stand for one another, then who will? 


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09 Apr

These are uncertain times and there might be a situation where you are required to visit your healthcare provider or go into urgent/emergency care. Hospital facilities and emergency medical staff are inundated with patient care at the moment and this guideline will provide valuable information to your healthcare provider about the Sikh faith, articles of faith observed by you and cultural sensitivities when caring for you or your family.

Our friends at the Sikh Coalition have documented a consolidated set of Healthcare Provider Guidelines that you should read and share with your medical professional upon arriving for treatment. Please note that these guidelines will help facilitate your conversation with a healthcare professional about the Sikh Articles of Faith, Dietary Requirements and Restrictions as well as end of life desires. These guidelines from the Sikh Coalition is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.

Please feel free to reach out to the National Sikh Organization at [email protected] or the Sikh Coalition at [email protected] should you require any additional information or assistance.

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06 May
NATIONAL NURSES DAY Nurses: A Voice to Lead

May 6th 2020 is National Nurses Day and the National Sikh Organization thanks all our nurses and healthcare professionals who are the backbone of the healthcare system in our country and a vital part of the medical community that is committed to serving individuals across the globe.

Our nurses are the experts that bring hearts and minds together to mitigate suffering and promote well-being. Theirs are the compassionate faces and caring hands we first experience at a medical facility and those reassuring eyes are always silently indicating to us that everything is going to be okay.

Nurses are the champions who rush to our care no matter what hour of the day it is and are always there to make us feel better. Without them, our healthcare system would crumble. The swiftness we experience when being treated at hospitals or emergency rooms across the country is all because these silent warriors are keeping it all together with a hearty smile on their faces.

The National Sikh Organization celebrates all the nurses who are making a positive impact on all our lives and helping us feel better every day. Your contributions are countless and can never be fully measured. We thank you for your humanitarian service and for your zeal to always go above and beyond to help those who need it most!

Happy Nurses Day!


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